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Vitamin E and Selenium Supplement Powder for Chickens, Cattle, Calves, Cow, Buffalo, Sheep, Goat and Livestock Animals



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Vitamin E and Selenium are required to build the Immune system in the animal’s bodies as they play a role as “Antioxidants”.

Selenium deficiency in newborn calves lead to white muscle diseases and retains placenta in newly calved cows. Vitamin E and Selenium play a major role in the treatment of mastitis as in deficiency of any one of then may lend to increased incidence of mastitis. Feeding of vitamin e maybe leads to a Newtropolic activity to kill bacteria observed at calving.

Most of the diseases in dairy cows occur at or just after calving as it is mainly due to immune suppression leading to susceptive to infections. Prepartum immune suppression is mainly due to endocrine changes and due to ed intake of improper nutrients. Vit E is fat solvent vitamin not synthesized in tumen however  it is essential for dairy cattle as well as calves

Vit E required to maintain immune function prevents muscular dystrophy in young claves.

Vit E is required for the control of nerves, muscles, heart, rumen, lungs.

Male fertilizing as sperm motility also associated with SE and selenium deficiency leads to decreased conception rate in females cow. With the maintained level of blood selenium in cattle there are lesser chances of abortion


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