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Best Dairy Cattle Feed Supplements for Cow and Buffalo in India

Have you ever wondered why your livestock fails to provide you with as much profit as you expect? Innumerable threats to cattle arise from the poor and imbalanced diet. You must provide them with the best food, but they might need some extra nutrients from cattle feed supplements. 

A poor diet negatively impacts the entire health and well-being of cattle, affecting milk production, meat quality, reproduction, and everything else. Thus, it declines their overall value. That’s why you need to join hands with us, REFIT Animal Care. 

We at REFIT Animal Care do not only think of dairy cattle feed supplements as a necessity for your profit but also as a significant investment in animals to make them grow healthier and have a disease-free life ahead. We love to do as much as possible because they never disappoint us. Cattle are notable in our lives as they provide us with wholesome goodness from our early stages of life. That’s why we need to care about them more by supporting their immunity and growth with special feed supplements for livestock. 

REFIT Animal Care has been manufacturing the best cattle feed supplements for years only because we care about your profit and the overall well-being of cattle. With the support of thousands of our customers, we have become the No.1 manufacturer of supplements for dairy cows in India, making them stronger to fight diseases that otherwise they are highly susceptible to. 

Our comprehensive product range of cow supplement feed is formulated by the best experts to work on the core and eliminate the nutrient deficiencies of livestock. Our highly digestible products are proven to provide higher milk production and butterfat, improve healthy birthing, and enhance body weight and body condition, leading to better reproductive performance without any side effects. 

So, contact us immediately on our digits to skyrocket your livestock business and bliss your four-legged friends with a healthier and disease-free life.


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