Easy to Care for Pets – Pet Care Tips

Easy to Care for Pets – Pet Care Tips

What is Animal Feed Supplements?

Animal Feed Supplements are the goods added to normal animal’s diet to increase the availability of nutrients like fiber, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals & amino acids etc. which are actually deficient in normal diet given to domestic animals in the routine course of feeding by the farmer. As the normal feed and fodder given to domestic animals are highly deficient in nutritional value due to over usage of fertilizers by animals.

Types of Animal Feed Supplement?

Animal Feed Supplements include supplements fed to livestock animals along with a normal course of feeding. These may be categorized into Cattle Feed Supplements, Poultry Feed Supplements, Feed Supplements for Equine, Buffalo, Swine, Camel, Sheep and Goat, and Dog. So Animal Feed Supplements is a general term for all categories of animals or livestock.

Why Animal Need Feed Supplements Used?

  • Growth promoters as Multivitamins, Mineral mixtures.
  • Energy boosters as glucogenic precursors.
  • Production enhancers as calcium sources.
  • Reproductive growth promoters as heat inducers or fertility rate or conception rate enhancers.
  • Liver tonic supplements to improve the digestive system.
  • These areas calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium chloride, etc.
  • However, Horses mainly need trace minerals like magnesium, selenium, copper, zinc, and iodine.

The Relationship between Animal Feed Supplements and Reproductive System of Animals?

Major problems in India today are reproductive problems in livestock animals as either they are an-estrus or repeater animal. Where the major reason behind this is a nutritional deficiency which leads to underdeveloped reproductive growth or improper working of reproductive organs while the other reason as a minor reason is bad quality semen insertions in natural insemination or service or in artificial insemination.

So as per the animal husbandry department guidelines, the livestock feed supplements either in liquid or in powder form are specifically useful in the prevention or treatment of diseases of the reproductive system of animals.

How Animal yields related to Farmer Economy and Human Health?

Farmer economy is directly proportional to his animals yield where animal yield refers to the production ability of animal which is counted in the form of milk or milk products/ dairy products used in day to day life of human beings and also related to the health of human beings these products are yogurt, butter, cheese, curd, ice cream, kefir & kumis, etc. The fat percentage of milk is also counted as one of the characters of animal milk related to the farmer’s economy.

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