Factors to be taken care while choosing the best cattle feed

Factors to be taken care while choosing the best cattle feed

Nutrition plays a huge role in maintaining the good health of cattle and the quality of dairy products, beef, and breeding stock. So Veterinary Products Manufacturers and farmers make it a priority to search and find out the ways of enhancing nutrition quality for animals. Animal Feed Supplement boosts the nutritional intake of cattle. Finding the right nutrition for cattle is an important part of a cattle care routine. This is achieved by optimizing feed manufacturing products and practicing successful farming operations.

The livelihood of farmers is entirely dependent on the health of their cattle. Therefore, they are always concerned about the health and nutrition of cattle. It is a great responsibility for a farmer to choose a high-quality feed for the cattle. A high-quality feed means the one that is fresh (not contaminated) and nutritious. Higher the nutrition value of the feed, the better is the performance and production of cattle. In addition to it, farmers also need to find such feed that has a long shelf life so that it can be stored safely for a longer time. There are few cattle feed options that have high nutrition value, but they get contaminated easily by bacteria and other micro-organisms are exposed to moisture.

Most of the feed Veterinary Products Manufacturers are aware of these concerns of farmers and their expectations from cattle feed. So, they emphasize improving nutritional value and shelf life of cattle feed. They are finding new ways of processing the feed so that it may retain its nutritional value and still be affordable for farmers. For making it affordable, manufacturers are working on various new ways and methods that minimize the wastage of feed during processing. New technology and equipment make it possible to utilize the latest packaging options that keep the feed safe and away from moisture.

Cattle have various nutritional requirements. They require nutrition to maintain their health and also to produce good quality and quantity of milk. The feed should be capable of optimizing metabolism, digestion and promoting the growth of friendly bacteria in cattle’s rumen stomach. The feed also depends on the age and breed of cattle. The feed intake depends on climate and weather conditions. When it is hot outside the food intake by cattle is less and vice versa.

There is a different feed for milk production and beef production. For enhancing milk production, cattle are fed on additives and supplements to improve milk yield. However, for beef production, the feed is rich in vitamins, proteins, and water. So the selection of feed also depends on the purpose for which the cattle are raised.

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