Common Problems Of Dairy Cattle Causing High Economic Loss To Farmers

Common Problems Of Dairy Cattle Causing High Economic Loss To Farmers

As per field study by #REFIT experts, some common problems of the dairy sector and their solution is given as

Underdeveloped Growth

It is most common issue in dairy sector esp heifers where genitalia is not grown up to proper level leading to conditions as AN-ESTROUS or REPEAT BREEDING and finally leading to severe economic loss to farmer even after feeding good quality of feed and fodders this condition can be overcome by adding chelated mineral mixture for cattle in feed or mineral boluses to animals. In the case of REPEAT BREEDING, this can be prevented by mineral mixture or specific minerals combination along with omega fatty acids combination.

Summer Stress or Transportation Stress

Stress is a great factor in affecting growth as well as the production of dairy cattle which can only be decreased by using ANTI STRESS FEED SUPPLEMENT along with good care and management including proper shed, water, light, etc.


One of the major cause of economic loss to farmers esp.large dairy farms. As it is condition occurring as multiple causes leading to decreased milk production or even dropped to nil. Incurable teat conditions as Teat cohort etc where production drops to nil and such a problem spread to other animals.
So proper management as cleaning, good diet plan including Mineral MixtureDeworming, etc
Using proper treatment aspect as ANTI MASTITIS PRODUCTSMILK BOOSTER PRODUCTS, etc should be used for treatment.

Milk Fever Or Hypoglycemia

A sudden drop in milk and even severe debility in the animal after parturition esp high milk yielding animals due to a decreased level of calcium. To prevent these conditions mineral mixture for animals should be used along with highly strong calcium supplement in the form of calcium gel as energy source or energy booster should be given


One of the major problems of the reproductive tract of dairy animals where there is building out of uterus, vagina or rectum. Commonly seen in pregnant animals near to parturition or seen after calving may be due to
Summer stress in pregnant animals as well as parturition stress in animals after calving.
It can lead to other problems as Mastitis etc. It should be cure with proper care during and after pregnancy by using the balanced diet of animals during pregnancy includes Anti mastitis products, Mineral mixture, Calcium supplement, etc. and if it occurs it can be treated with various supplements as an herbal powder or calcium gel, etc.


Gaseous filling in Rumen of cattle mainly due to Sudden change in feed or fodder esp.
In Summer where new fodder is available in form of Hay, it will lead to bloat due to in digested food leading to gas production in the stomach of ruminants. So to overcome such a problem you have to use Anti bloat products as it causes a serious problem even Death.

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