Animal Husbandry Introduction

Animal Husbandry Introduction

It is a branch of agriculture concerned with animals raised for milk, meat, eggs, and fiber or other products.

It includes:-

  • Feeding
  • Breeding
  • Housing
  • Health care for livestock
  • Animal husbandry has different branches as
  • Dairy farming
  • Poultry farming
  • Aquaculture

Role of animal husbandry in India economy

As we know livestock plays an important role in the Indian economy and about 20.5 million people depend on livestock for livelihood. It also provides employment to people in India.

Livestock contributes to people in the form of

  • Food as milk, meat, eggs
  • Fiber and Skin as wool, hides, etc for leather agencies
  • Drought as Bullock for agriculture
  • Camel, Horses, Donkey for transportation
  • Dung and Other Wastes as for manure, biogas, dung cakes, etc
  • Cultural as livestock fairs were on the basis of the breed and pop
  • Production of various farmers got huge prices and also they get a good price of Animal on sale
  • Sports as bulls are used for various sports
  • Security as dogs

Livestock Role in Farmers Economy

  • Income milk, eggs, meat sale give good income
  • Employment as various departments in India give a good job to farmers knowing well about livestock
  • Food as milk, meat, and eggs
  • Social Security as a symbol status
  • Draught as Ploughing, Carting, etc
  • Dung as fertilizer, fuel

However hence see poultry we will find in India there are several poultry farmers whose complete income depends on poultry farming As nowadays modern infrastructure and machinery available in the market making farming easy and giving good output with a small investment in form of an egg, meat, etc.

While nowadays Aquaculture is also emerging very fast as in fishery section farmers showing great interest as it is one of the cheapest farming systems with good returns and having a big market in Inda.

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