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TieTox Powder


Toxin Binder Powder For Cattle, Calves, Cow, Buffalo, Sheep, Pigs, Goat, Swine and Livestock Animals

  • It has to be added in the cattle and pig feed to reduce the effects of Toxins
  • Improves the Cattle & Pigs Feed Quality to Increases the Production
  • Reduces the Nephrotoxicity, Prolapse and Weak Piglets problem in Pigs
  • Acts as Supportive Therapy in Mastitis, Lameness, Diarrhea and Poor Health Condition in Cattle
  • Please Read All Label Information on Delivery

Product Details

TieTox is a Toxin Binder Powder For Cow, Cattle, Sheep, Goat, and Swine to Improve Rumen Functioning and Production in the Pigs. Highly useful to Neutralize the Mycotoxin Effects as Liver Problem, Skin Problem, Nephrotoxicity, Prolapse, and Weak Piglets. “MAKE YOU ANIMALS DISEASE RESIST, SHAKE HAND WITH REFIT” 

SIZE: 1 Kg.

PRODUCT DIMENSION: 8 x 8 x 20 cm


PRODUCT TYPE: Animal Feed Supplement

BEST FOR: Cow, Buffalo, Swine, Pig, Sheep, Goat, Camel, Horse, Livestock Animals

SHELF LIFE: 36 Months From Date of Manufacturing


 Cow, Buffalo, Camel, Horse:- 30-40 gm/ton of feed

 Calf, Heifer, Pig:- 15-20 gm/ton of feed

Please read all label information on delivery

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