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Rumen Bypass Fat is essential to dry fat mixed into animal feed. These are dry fats with high M.P mostly insoluble at rumen temperature. There are mainly produced from hydrolyzing of fatty acids obtained from Palm Oil/Tailbone.

Mainly Role of Bypass Fat in rations of high producing dairy animals is very crucial for enhancing the energy density of ration. So, dietary fat that is not digested in Rumen and they bypass Rumen and finally gets digested in the lower GIT. However, Bypass Fat For Cattle is available in the market as RUMOFAT.

It is obtained from Pure Palm Oil and is consisting of “CALCIUM SALT” of the long chain of fatty acids which further serves as an additional source of calcium.


1. Ideal energy booster supplement in lactating and advanced pregnancy animals.
2. Enhanced peak milk production
3. Improves reproductive performance
4. Effective in Ketosis, Acidosis, Milk Fever

As Rumofat is High Energy Bypass Fat For Cattle. Containing Calcium Salts, Live Yeast Culture, Rumen Bypass Fat, Rumen Bypass Protein, Milk Inducing Herbs.

The calcium salts preset in Rumofat are a good source of calcium. Live yeast culture present in it to improve the digestive system functions bypass fat and bypass protein are to increase milk fat. Herbs are Milk Inducing Herbs to increase the lactation yield.
Rumofat is bypass fat powder for ruminants made from fractionated palm fat without trans fatty acid. It is rich in palmitic acid(C-16). In today’s life, the farmers face the problem of reduced milk yield after calving because of –ve energy balance finally leading to more severe problems as mastitis, ketosis, etc. So to overcome such problem Rumofat is the best to supplement as bypass fat for cattle. As it passes through rumen without affecting fermentation but still digested in cow intestine and the Rumofat revives stable even when PH is low.


1. Driven form fractioned palm fatty acids
2. Very high in fat (99%)
3. Good energy source
4. It has palmitic acid to increase milk fat
5. Easey fed to an animal in the feed.


For normal cows 100gm-200gm per day
For high yielders 200gm-300gm per day


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