Ensures Timely Onset Of Puberty with nHn Puberty Inducing Supplement For Heifer, Calf, Cattle, Cows, buffalo, Sheep, Goat and Farm Animals 



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Puberty Is A Period When The Sexual Organs Are Developed Functionally & The Animals Become To Release The Gametes. Maturity In Cow At Early Age will Also Calve At Early Age & Produces More Milk In Her Life Time. Delayed Sexual Maturity Has effect On Economics Of Dairy Farm. Many Factors Like Genetic Potentiality Or Breed, Plane Of Nutrition, Growth Body Weight, Role Of Different Hormones & Other Conditions Are Responsible For The Growth, Sexual Maturity & Puberty Of Animals. New Modern Hormonal Technologies, Proper Management, Housing Feeding System Can Also Reduce The Age Of Puberty. Age At Puberty Can Be Improve By Different Practices But The Environment Improvement And New Nutritional Practices Are More Effective. Supplementing Pasture May Be Required To Maintain Heifer Growth. If You Have Limited Pasture Then It Is Cost Effective To Feed Heifers Crops And Supplements. Animals May Gain Slightly More Weight When Feed With Supplements, Short term supplement feeding can also be beneficial if it helps increase pasture growth rates to fill feed shortfalls and reduce the amount of supplement needed overall.

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nHn Supplement Is Designed For The Essential Fortification Of Heifers, Brood Cow & Stocker Cattle. The Supplement contains Vitamin A, D Plus Protein, Calcium, Phosphorus And Other Essential Elements. Daily Intake Will Vary According To Quality And Nutritional Needs. This Supplement Will Help The Heifer To Continue Its Growth And Maturity While Nursing A Calf And Conceiving Second One. In nHn there’s Virtually no starch Or Sugar. Instead, the focus is on complex structural carbohydrates and high bypass protein value. We then emphasize top quality vitamin and mineral package with organic complex trace minerals. Fertility Is supported because her own needs are being met and nature she’s ok to have another calf.

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nHn Is A natural herbal supplement that consists of natural ingredients, which are a necessity for the growth of the calf. Most Important factors that are to be taken care of when buying minerals are calcium to phosphorus levels, salt levels, level of trace minerals in supplements and additives. you can learn a lot about the minerals you are feeding by studying a mineral tag for a few minutes. Carefully read label and instructions when using medicated mineral mixes to ensure adequate intake and to ensure the product is labeled for the intended use

Factors that can influence the pubertal rise in release of LH pulses are:

Season of year when pubertal age is attained
Growth or nutritional intake
Social cues
Treatment with exogenous hormones


Delayed Puberty & Sexual Maturity (Male & Female).
Decreased reproductive Performance.
Lack Of Libido In Males.
Reduced In Sperm Quality & Quantity.
Lower Body Growth And Body Weight In Dam & Sire .


Cattle & Buffaloes.
Daily Mixed In Feed.


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