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Refit-H is one of the best multivitamins for poultry birds. It is the combination of vitamins A, D3, E & H and vitamin C as a liquid poultry feed supplement. It reduces chick mortality by removing stress by acting as an anti-stress liquid for poultry. Poultry birds are passing from several conditions during the whole life and these situations may cause several types of stresses on poultry which may be vaccination stress, transportation stress, etc. with the passage of time or with age the requirements of diet as well as supplements increases in case of poultry. As the only diet provided to poultry is not enough for its growth and production. In the case of layers, there is the demand for increased egg production but with age and stress conditions egg production is highly affected and to get the best result in terms of production from layers.

We have to supply additional supplement in form of multivitamin which is easily digestible and highly effective so REFIT ANIMAL CARE has found great success in the market by its product named Refit-H which is one of the best poultry multivitamins with maximum availability and digestibility. It is prepared under the supervision of experts and having a composition as vitamin A, D3, E, H, and C. As per composition it is a multivitamin solution for multiple deficiencies. Here vitamin A is fat-soluble required for good vision in poultry and for egg development. Vitamin D3 is required to increase calcium and phosphorus levels of plasma for bone formation and strength. Vitamin E is fat-soluble required for muscular development. Its deficiency may lead to crazy chick disease.

Vitamin C acts as an anti-stress and immunomodulator. Vitamin H or Biotin or Vitamin B1 is water-soluble B complex required for overall growth, fatty acid production and metabolism of fats and amino acids. Biotin deficiency in birds leads to reduced growth rate ruffled feather dermatitis of eyes.


Increase egg production and FCR
It acts as growth promoters, Increase growth rate
It acts as Antistress
Increase body weight and growth in broilers
Repairs horns & cracked hooves


Poultry 7-10 ml. per 100 Birds


100ml., 200ml. & 500ml.


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