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Oral Ionic Calcium Gel For Cattle, Cows and Buffalo containing 43.5 gm Ionic Calcium which is quickly dissolving in body

  • Oral Ionic Calcium is Made of High-Quality Vitamins and Minerals
  • Result and Quality Oriented Animal Food Supplement
  • One bottle Single Dose Formula
  • Veterinary Feed Supplement
  • Please Read All Label Information on Delivery

Product Details

The role of Dietary calcium supplements in form of ANIONIC SALTS is highly beneficial these days As Hypoglycemia or Milk Fever is one of the major problems arising after calving. So this problem has to be overcome by feeding calcium supplements 2 to 3 weeks before parturition.

As during the last 2 to 3 weeks of pregnancy, there is Metabolic Acidosis in Cattle leading to the compensatory response by the animal body by increasing ionic calcium in blood Which leads to Increased excretion of calcium via urine finally leading to calcium absorption in the intestine. So cows or animal s have to feed an extra calcium diet during the last stages of pregnancy Which leads to a balanced calcium level postpartum.

Milk fever is one of the common conditions in dairy cows esp. High Yields where there is severe down in calcium level after calving may lead to Hypothermia, Indigestion, Recumbency, Tachycardia, Muscle paralysis, and finally, death leading to one of thgreatest losses to farmers economy. Feeding plays a major role in preventing milk fever.

So to feed calcium-rich supplement in form of Oral Ionic Calcium Gel containing 43.5 gm Ionic Calcium which is quickly dissolving in body available as Calcium Gel for Cattle in the name of RECAL PEP. Which contains 43.5 gm ionic calcium along with Vitamin A, D3, B12, H, and Amino Acids to be given as calcium supplement in last stage of Cattle pregnancy and even after parturition to prevent the animal from milk fever, Retention of placenta like condition.

Recal Pep is Energy Booster Oral Ionic Calcium Supplement in gel form to overcome calcium deficiency as well as Negative Energy balance to be given as one bottle daily for 3 to 4 days before calving and one bottle daily after calving for 3 to 4 days
One of the best advantages of giving Recal pep to cattle is that it quickly dissolves in the body to give faster recovery.

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