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Improve your animal growth with MASH UP as a combination of Minerals, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Buffers, Rumen Protected Choline, Live Yeast Culture and Fibrolytic Enzymes.

MASHUP is a special formulation launched 1st time in India by REFIT ANIMAL CARE in form of combination of Powder and Granules.

Being a Powerful Chelated Mineral Mixture for Cattle and Poultry. It also acts as Milk Boosting and Fat Boosting formula because of its unique composition where it’s each and every component acts a major role as

BIOTIN and NIACIN essential for Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat Metabolism.

VITAMIN E as Immunity Booster.

VITAMIN D and CALCIUM to reduce Ketosis and Milk Fever.

MINERALS to regulate Physiological Activities.

FIBRINOLYTIC ENZYMES helpful in functioning of Rumen Microbes to increase Fiber Digestibility.

LIVE YEAST CULTURE stimulates Growth of fiber digesting bacteria and also Increases lactate and stabilizes Rumen ph.

However it’s PROBIOTICS Lowers intestine ph by reducing growth of E coli and Salmonella.

RUMEN PROTECTED CHOLINE Reduces Fat Accumulation in liver and prevents metabolic disorders as Fatty Liver and Ketosis.

BUFFERS added in it to Increase Dry matter intake and Protein and Fiber Digestion.

So with the help of all these unique components MASH UP is perfect or unique Growth Promoter and Milk Inducer Supplement for Cattle and Best Growth Promoter for Poultry.


* Improves Fertility
* Improves Milk Yield and Fat Percentage
* Proper Growth of Reproductive System
* Reduces chances of Abortion
* Prevents ketosis and Milk fever in high yielders

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