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MILK LET DOWN is process by which a cow will release milk from udder after stimulation of mammary glands. In order to cow to let down milk a stimulation is required that tells the brain to release hormone oxytocin leading to blood flow to udder making myoepithelial to contract and push milk to the base of the udder. Now ever in normal condition as farm-level there are other simulations for milk let down are:-

1.Calf trying to nurse

2.Sights of calf etc.

However, some of the animals ever on all external simulations do not release milk. So, the farmer injects oxytocin in the form of injection. However, it is harmful even now it has been banned by gov. in several countries. So now the problem of milk let down is increasing day by day due to:-

Stress, Environment and Other Factors may lead to severe economic loss to the farmer as well as may lead to starvation problems in the calf mainly feeding on mother’s milk.

In case cow does not let down there may lead to decreased milk intake by calf which leads to decreased immunity in the calf as several immunity-boosting factors as immunoglobulins are present in cow’s milk which is essential for the calf.

Causes of factors of milk let down:-

1. Death of calf

2. Abrupt changes in feed

3. Irregular milking running

4.Change of milker

So, in such like condition milk let down never stats for a long time ever after removing the above-given factors. So, in such a condition special oral supplements have to be given for let down such a herbal supplement affordable here with ‘REFIT ANIMAL CARE” in form of “MSF Milk Squeezing Formula


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