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Best Liquid Calcium Supplement for Poultry, Chickens, Layers, Broilers and Birds

  • Poultry Calcium Supplement is Made of High-Quality Vitamins and Minerals
  • Improves FCR, Hatchability and Growth Rate
  • Improve Eggshell, Thickness, and Strength
  • Poultry and Birds Calcium Supplements
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Product Details

Calcium is a vital element Liquid Calcium for Poultry. In Poultry Birds calcium is required for good egg shell, immunity as well as during stress conditions.
As poultry birds especially hatching birds or layers where their calcium plays a vital role in the development of egg shells. while in the case of broilers growth rate of broilers depends on calcium composition in the diet.

As we know Calcium For chicken egg shell is made up of 94% calcium carbonate. But as in today’s diet chicken are not getting enough calcium in the diet. So they need an external source of calcium as a calcium supplement. Otherwise, calcium deficiency symptoms may appear. So to keep your hens healthy and their eggs strong a well-balanced diet is required which also contains calcium supplement sources. A typical egg shell contains around 6 gms. of calcium carbonate and during egg development in shell gland, the calcium is mainly required. However, if calcium is not provided it may lead to shell breakage or thin-shelled eggs.

In the case of layers we have to give 2% calcium for 1st 2 weeks after birth and if they are not gaining weight then feeding should be done 2-3 times a day. But with age and as going towards lying age poultry there is the increased demand of calcium in the feed.

On commercial layer farm within 1st 20 wk of age 5% of hen start laying eggs.

About 10% birds start laying at 21 weeks age and it increases up to 30 weeks age. After reaching maximum no. of eggs they stop lying. As layer start lying at 18-19 weeks age and lay till 72-78 wk of age. In Chicken for absorption of calcium, they require phosphorus and vitamin D3 in the diet in a balanced amount.

In growing birds calcium is required for growth as well as egg laying for growing birds.

For growing birds ca:p as 2:1 is required and ca requirements increases with age.

In Broilers
As Broiler is a bird of about 8 weeks age with average weight 1.5kg to 2 kg with flexible breastbone cartilage, pliable and tender meat.

After studying on all parameters REFIT ANIMAL CARE has launched its poultry calcium feed supplement as R-GROW with composition as per 5ml. contains Ca 100 mg, P 50 mg, Vitamin D3, 400 IU Vitamin B12.

As per composition of R-GROW, it itself signifies as one of the best supplement ever for poultry as it’s calcium: phosphorus is well balanced as per requirements of poultry birds. However, in addition, vitamin D3 presence makes the increased availability of Ca and P along with provides great strength to egg shells as well as improves the quality of egg as well as yolk and also Improves growth rate of broilers and their weight gain. However, vitamin B12 is a good supportive supplement for all body functions of birds.

1 Improves egg shell quality, thickness, strength.
2 Improves leg strength
3 Decreases feather eating
4 Improves FCR
5 improves growth rate
6 improves hatch ability

1 lower egg yield
2 stress conditions
3 egg fracture

Increases disease resistance and wound healing
Increases overall growth and hatch ability in poultry.
Increase egg production
Prevents leg weakness in broilers and layers
Prevents problem of thin egg shell and broken eggs
Prevents from rickets, osteomalacia, anemia, cannibalism etc.

Chicks/Broilers:- 20 ml./5litre drinking water per 100 birds
Grower:- 50 ml./5litre drinking water per 100 birds
Layers:- 100 ml./5litre drinking water per 100 birds

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