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Herbal Formula For Treatment of Mastitis in Cows, Cattle and Buffalo

  • Anti-Mastitis Supplement is Made of High-Quality Vitamins and Minerals
  • Triple Action Herbal Formula For Mastitis
  • A Unique Supplement For Control of Mastitis With Herbs
  • Result and Quality Oriented Animal Food Supplement
  • Please Read All Label Information On Delivery

Product Details

Mastitis is the major problem faced by dairy farmers in their animals. which occurs because of varies reasons like the presence of bacteria in udder tissue. Mastitis is of two types clinical and subclinical mastitis.

In subclinical mastitis, cow looks healthy and the milk also looks alike good but its nutritional value and health of the animal go down. In clinical the animal shows symptoms of mastitis. Which can loss the farmer a lot?

To overcome mastitis REFIT ANIMAL CARE   has launched RMS liquid which has anti mastitis property. It comes with the goodness of natural vitamin A and Vitamin D3 and other essential minerals in liquid form. It does not have any side effects because it is a purely herbal product and gives good results. It has shown a very good result and it stands in the market on the basis of the results.

Why RMS:-

It contains natural vitamin A and vitamin D3 with a good composition of Curcuma longa, Tinospora cordifolia, neem ext., citric acid, sod. Citrate, Emblica Officinali (which is a natural form of vitamin c), vermonia anthelmintica and other helpful vitamins in mastitis treatment.


Maintain normal pH of the milk.
Prevents re-occurrence of mastitis.
Repairs damaged tissue of udder.
Improves milk production.
Improves milk quality. 

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