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Perfect Blend Of Carminatives & Digestive Enzymes for Cattle, Calves, Cow, Buffalo, Sheep, Goat and Livestock Animals

  • Digestive Enzymes Liquid is Made of High-Quality Vitamins and Minerals
  • A perfect blend of Digestive Enzymes & Carminatives for Cow, Pets, Cattle, Buffalo, Sheep, Poultry, Goat and Farm Animals
  • Conductive to Higher FCR & Increased Growth in Poultry
  • Relief from Gaseous and Frothy Bloat, from Colic and Digestive Problems
  • Please Read All Label Information on Delivery

Product Details

The digestive system is an important part of the body. In cattle, it consists of Rumen, Reticulum, Omasum, and Abomassum
There are several enzymes required for the digestion process in cattle and poultry.

As cattle are Herbivores animals fed on fodder, grass, crops which undergoes a special digestion process using several enzymes
Any change in climate, stress condition, fever, infection, calving, drug treatment for illness, egg lying in poultry may affect the digestive system leading to Decreased feed intake, Anorexia, Decreased milk production, Decreased egg production.

Some other conditions as Vaccination stress, Debeaking, Dehorning, Castration, etc lead to decreased feed intake. So to maintain proper functioning of the digestive system some external sources of DIGESTIVE FEED SUPPLEMENT  should be given orally as DIGESTIVE ENZYMES TONIC FOR CATTLE AND POULTRY on the name of ZYMOVET PLUS. Which is Multienzyme Digestive Tonic consisting of Enzymes and Carminatives.


Improve Digestion
Increase feed efficiency
Increased Milk production
Increase egg production
To treat Bloat

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