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For farmers, cattle are a very important part of their life, lots of time farmers & other people are confused that how to increase the milk of their cow. This is a big challenge that farmers are facing. The problems are solved when we use high-quality supplements including rich nutrition values. The quality and quantity of milk represent the status of the farmer. Present-day, modern cattle are bred specifically to produce a large quantity of milk like human beings. Cows only produce milk after giving birth & dairy cows must give birth to one calf each year for better and regular milk production. Moreover, they are artificially inseminated with three months after giving birth. Basically, milk is calf’s food, when there is no calf there is no advantage in producing milk. On dairies, cows are milked twice in a day from spring until late autumn. Dairy cows need nutritious food which breaks down into their body, including their udder which is an organ where milk is produced before it leaves the cow through its teats. 

How Milk Yield Increase in Cows?

• Start Cows with Successful Dry Period
• Optimized Intake of feed
• Prevent From Ruminal acidosis & Maintain Rumen Health
• Use Genuine Quality Cattle Milk Booster Supplements

Now Let’s get familiar with one such product which helps you to increase your milk yield. Introducing you Recal Gold DANA  one of the most trending product in the market. Recal Gold DANA is a mixture of granules, which plays an important role in feeding cattle. It is loaded with sufficient nutrients for the cow is meant to increase the growth of microbial bacteria within the cow’s stomach. Once microbes grow well in the rumen of animal they produce enzymes that improve digestion especially of fibrous feeds which are given during dry season. These supplements break down the feeds given to cows to increase milk output. This scientific innovation is therefore meant to boost milk production in cattle. The supplement is very effective during the dry season because of the quality of feed changes which lead to less milk production.

About Our Product:-

Dana granules are used widely for increasing the milk capability of cows. It can be used as cattle feed and have a lot of never-ending benefits.


The most attractive thing about our product is its natural ingredients.

• Ashwagandha
• Brahami
• Jivanti
• Shatavari
• Calcium
• Phosphorus
• Vitamin D3


• Increase milk up to 15-20%
• Increase disease resistance power.
• A good result in health.
• Genuine & natural ingredients.
• Economic & pocket-friendly prices.

A Process From Feeding to Milking Cattle:-

The cattle booster cum supplement is mixed along with the cattle feed. The feed should be given in the evening for much better results. The dose should be given as prescribed by the veterinarian.


• Cattle & Buffaloes – 50-80 mg/animal.
• Through Feed – 5-7 Kg/ ton of feed or as directed by a veterinarian.

 Why Recal Gold DANA?

• Timely heat induction.
• Improved Digestion.
• No extra calcium dose.
• No hectic problems like body ache, fever, etc.
• Maintained the menstrual cycle.


• Improvement of milk yields of dairying Cows & Buffaloes.
• Health improvement of cattle.
• No side effects


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