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Digo Plus


Probiotics Digestive Powder Supplement For Cattle, Calves, Cow, Buffalo, Sheep, Goat and Livestock Animals

  • Digestive Powder of Milk is Made of High-Quality Vitamins and Minerals
  • Helps in the rejuvenation of ruminal microflora
  • Result and Quality oriented Animal Food Supplement
  • Digestive Feed Supplement For the treatment of Digestion Problem in Animals
  • Please Read All Label Information on Delivery

Product Details

Digestion of Feed or Fodder Given to Ruminants Plays Major Role in Growth and Production of Animal. The Milk Production Depends on The Type of Feed Given to Animal, it’s Digestion Braves.

Animal Feed for cattle covers 70% of the total expense. The animals like cows, buffaloes need special attention due to there digestive capacity. Adding digestive powder to their feed increases nutrition value. Cattle are also known as ruminants due to their digestive structure. The digestive powder acts as a catalyst and breaks food into sugar and amino acids. Due to the specified action, these don’t have any side effects on the animal’s health. 

Proper Nutrition is a foundation for a productive and profitable animal husbandry business. Without good nutrition, cattle can’t express their full genetic potential. Adding literature to this pasture feed represents the single largest cost associated with cow-Herd. Inadequate or faulty diet, Poor quality unbalanced, contaminated ratio, unthoughtful administration of antibiotics & other chemical drugs, adversely affect the functioning of the digestive system of animals. It is a unique solution available in powder form which is used as animal nutrition supplements packed with benefits of amino acids & proteins for better growth. the supplement can be easily by dissolving in water for better production and growth of cattle and other animals.

As Ruminants have Several Rumen Digestive Bacteria Found in Body for Digestion of Fodder. However in Some Conditions may be Fever, inflammation, infection, injury, Pain Etc. 1st of All Digestion is Affected in Animals. It is a Sudden Loss of Appetite, Debledity Leading to Led Milk Production. There May be Diarrhea, Constipation, Impaction, Bloat, etc. Several Types of Conditions are Due to Poor Digestion. So to improve This Digestion Process for Fulfilling Growth and Production Special Composition as an External Source in the Form of Digestive Powder is recommended as DIGO-PLUS.

Although there are many drugs in the market which are used in the market for the improvement of the digestion of cattle’s. But the main side effect of these drugs is they are very active when they are used regularly after their use the cattle will start getting addicted to these. When we stop taking these supplements they will start giving their side effects. Our product DIGO PLUS is purely herbal and genuine.


When to use:-

• Inappetence.
• Dyspepsia.
• Irregular appetite.
• Impaired ruminal function.
• Poor digestion.
• Debility.
• Convalescence.


300 Gms.

How it is better than others?

• Non-Toxic to the gut.
• Non-Antibiotic Herbal Formula.
• Safe at every stage of life.


• Store in a dry and dark place between 2 °C and 25 °C.
• Store in a closed packing.
• Keep the medicine away from children.


• Correct Indigestion & anorexia.
• Maintains proper appetite.
• Promotes growth.
• Protects from anorexia and general debility.
• Helps In proper maintenance of energy production.
• Check impaction, mild colic & atomy of the rumen.
• Improves debility & convalescence of the animal.
• It helps in the rejuvenation of ruminal microflora.


• Large animal – 20-25 Gms. twice daily.
• Small animal -10 Gms. twice daily.

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