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Biofloc Fish Probiotic For Fish Farming, Shrimp Farming and Farming For Aquatic Animals

  • It Contains More than 150 Lac million CFU/gm
  • Reduce COD & BOD levels
  • Control Toxic Unwanted Gases & Provides Favorable Environment For Fish Growth
  • It Works in Aerobic & Anaerobic Condition
  • Please Read All Label Information on Delivery 

Product Details

Aqua-Prob+ is a Aqua Feed Supplement. Its Soil & Water Probiotics For Aqa Culture. Its Best Quality Probiotics Feed Supplement For Fish, Prawn, Shrimp and Aquatic Animals. KEEPS YOUR ANIMALS HEALTHY.

SIZE:- 500 Gms.

PRODUCT DIMENSION:- 9 x 9 x 13 cm 


PRODUCT TYPE:- Animal Feed Supplement 

BEST FOR:- Fish, Prawn, Shrimp, Aquatic Animals

SHELF LIFE:- 24 Months From Date of Manufacturing 


✔ 250-500 Gms./Acre Depending on Density

✔ Mixed With Feed 20 Gms./Kg. Of Feed

Please read all label information on delivery

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