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The liver is a vital organ of livestock and Poultry. A healthy liver is essential for Glucose production, Detoxification of ammonia and antibody production. As Rumen microbes metabolize starch to volatile fatty acids, lactate, propionate which then converted to Glucose by the liver with the onset of lactation in cow,s energy demand is very high for milk production and reproduction. As dry matter supplied to animals is usually insufficient so when a cow is off fed it leads to negative energy balance so the cow body will not get proper glucose and the body starts utilizing fat as an energy source. Fat is metabolized in the liver and whenever there is any problem in liver function this may lead to fat accumulation finally to FATTY LIVER DISEASE and to KETOSIS with an outcome of DECREASED MILK PRODUCTION OR EVEN AGLACTIA.


LIVOZIP is an ideal liver tonic with antifungal properties for Cattle, sheep, goat, and poultry fortified with Tricholime citrate, Vitamins, yeast to strengthen liver to prevent liver diseases


The liver is a vital organ of the body. It removes toxins from the body and also involved in glucose metabolism. However due to continuous filtering process and other conditions as stress, toxins, infection, etc leading to reduced liver functioning.
In poultry liver plays a role in egg production, broiler weight gain, removing Mycotoxin, etc
So to overcome such a problem some external nutritional supplement has to be given.

  • LIVOZIP is such a supplement containing essential elements to improve liver functioning As it contains CHOLINE CHLORIDE which is Rumen protected Choline to improve liver function to reduce liver fat, increase production, improve postpartum reproduction.
  • Increased broiler weight
  • Egg yolk formation in layers
  • TRICHOLINE CITRATE of LIVOZIP essential for the prevention of Persis in broiler
  • Fat metabolism in the liver
  • Acts as part of the nervous system

1. Ensures proper liver function
2. Aids in Detoxification
3. Aids in proper secretion of enzymes
4. Hepatoprotective
5. Fast regeneration of liver cells
6. Faster growth
7. Improving feed metabolism
8. Increased egg production
9. Increased broiler weight gain
10. Reduces gout, ascites in poultry
11. Useful in Aflatoxins, Mycotoxin, fatty liver
12. Increase FCR

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