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Bloating is an abnormal accumulation of gas in the rumen. This is very common in both dairy and beef cattle. In primary ruminal tympany or frothy bloat, the cause is entrapment of normal gases of fermentation in a stable foam. Bloat is commonly seen in spring and autumn when grass growth is at peak. When bloating occurs the gases cant escape & they built up and cause sewer distention of abdomen

There are two types of bloats:-

Frothy bloats.
Free gas bloats.

Frothy bloats:- Free Gas Bloats Caused by Diets That Leads to Form a Stable Gas in Rumen.

Free gas bloat:- These Are Also Caused by Diets Which Lead to Excessive Gas Production and Concomitant Low Intra – Ruminal Ph.

Clinical signs and differential diagnosis

Bloat is a very common cause of death if not observed properly, such as pastured and dry cattle usually are found dead, if bloat is not taken care properly, In primary pasture bloat, the rumen becomes distended suddenly. When the cattle experience bloat. The degree of forestomach enlargement can vary. Other signs are colic with kicking at the abdomen. Some animals may exhibit stretched stance with rear feet placed far back. Open mouth breathing, cyanosis of mucous membranes occur in the extreme case.

Can be caused by 

Certain proteins in forage.
An amount, rate of intake & coarseness of roughage.
Host-parasite reaction.
Enlargement of lymph nodes b/w lungs which can compress esophagus.
The inherited tendency for bloat.

Treatment of Bloat

There are many steroids which are available in market, which are used to cure bloating, but withal these there are also having a lot of side effects, which can lead to death of cattle or we can say sewer health loss, sporadically speaking bloating can be real life threat to cattle, but there’s a herbal tonic which can be useful to cattle is bloat go of Refit Animal Care. This product is very pocket-friendly and easy to use.

It can be used in

Frothy bloat.

Where to Buy?

You can order Bloat Go from the “Refit Animal Care” website. This solution will prevent your cattle from bloating. Also, we have a range of veterinary product which plays an important part in animal health.

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