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Vitamin E and Selenium are required to built Immune system in Animals body as they play role as Antioxidants Selenium deficiency in New born calves lead to White muscle disease and in newly calved cows lead to Retained placenta Vitamin E and Selenium play major role in treatment of Mastitis.

As in deficiency of any one of them may lead to Increased incident of Mastitis Feeding of Vitamin E leads to increase necrophiliacs activity to kill bacteria observed in calving. Most of diseases in dairy cows occur at or just after calving as it is mainly due to Immunity suppression causing Increased susceptibility to infection.

Prepartum immunity suppression is due to Endocrine changes and decreased intake of important nutrients Vitamin E is fat soluble vitamin not synthesize in Rumen However it is essential for dairy cattle as well as calves Vitamin E required to maintain immune function.

Prevent muscle dystrophy in young calves. Vitamin E required for control of nerves, muscle, heart, Rumen, lungs functioning
Male animals or bulls fertility as sperm motility also associated with Selenium.

Selenium deficiency leads to decreased conception in cows with the use of Vitamin E and Selenium supplement for Cattle there are decreased Chances of abortion, stillbirth etc.

However low levels of Selenium leads to Silent Heat in Cattle.

In Selenium deficiency

* Decreased milk production
* Decreased fertility
* Retained placenta
* Mastitis
* Weak calves
* Abortion
* In old calves Leg stiffness
* Weakness and unable to walk

In Poultry

During summer laying hens for 12 weeks age show increase in egg production and egg mass which fed on Selenium rich diet
Supplement of vitamin E also affects yolk quality
Hatch ability of eggs also improved with Vitamin E and Selenium supplement
It also increase Immunity to coccidiosis

Vitamin E and Selenium supplement given in condition like

* Night blindness
* Coccidiosis
* Crazy chick disease
* Muscle dystrophy


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