Veterinary Uterine Tonic

Uterus is one of the most important parts of the reproductive system of cattle. However there are several odd conditions accounted with the uterus as “METRITIS” which is inflammation of uterine tissue may be due to Bacterial Infection, Injury Etc. Metritis may be postpartum or prepartum. 

In normal cases there will be Bacterial Infection, Injury to uterine tissues may be by untrained A.I worker during A.I. Here there is swelling of uterine tissues seen along with mucus discharge which is known as “PYOMETRA” It may influence Heat Cycle, Reproduct Efficiency, Hormonal Balance of the body leading to other reproductive problems. However, Pus Discharge may also be passed on to udder or teat leading to MASTITIS where there is sudden milk drop or swelling of the udder. 

So to treat the infections we have come in marker with Herbal Eobloc and uterine tonic “RECLEAN” In the consists of herbs So there are no side effects on the body of Cattle. It is mainly used in:-

* Cleansing of uterus postpartum
* Ensure timely expulsion of the placenta
* Ensure Timely estrus and conception
* Conditions like Pyrometer, Endometritis, repeat breeding etc.
* To prevent postpartum complications
* In case of ROP