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In Ruminants Balanced feed along with bypass, nutrients are required for sustained dairy production.
These may Include Bypass fat, bypass protein, Chelated Minerals As in Ruminants Microbial protein synthesis, occurs itself but it is Not sufficient for growth and production so an exogenous Source of Aminoacids in the form of Bypass protein and fat in the form of bypass fat is essential

As Bypass Protein has qualities that it escapes digestion in Rumen
Passes Intact to lower GIT
Digested in lower GIT
Provides Dietary Protein and Amino acids directly to animals.

however, the feeding of Bypass protein is required.
In early Lactation in high yielders
In Rapidly growing calves
In stressed Animals
It may lead to Deceased loss of Dietary Amino acids increased amino acids supply
efficient protein synthesis
increased growth rate
increased milk production
However Fat is the high-density energy source in the diet as
It prevents Negative energy balance
Prevents Acidosis and Laminitis

However, the High-fat DIET is Not Good for RUMINANTS in the feed as.
An animal can digest 5-7% of fat in the diet.
Lower Intestine absorption of fat
Decreased fiber digestion
So Animals are given externally RUMEN BYPASS fat because of
It is given 0.4 -0.8kg|Cow|day in POST

Higher bypass Fat diets produce More viable eggs So Increased quality

BENEFIT of Bypass fat:-
* Increased energy
* Increased Milk production and quality
* Reduce Ketosis and fatty liver
* Improves digestion

As per the role of Rumen bypass fat rumen bypass protein we have launched a new product containing both bypass fat and bypass protein on the name of rumo fat+ where calcium salt of fatty acids are used as when calcium ion is associated with unsaturated fatty acids then it behaves like saturated fatty acids so rumo fat plus is unique bypass fat product containing bypass fat bypass protein yeast culture along with jivanti and Shatavari to improve growth and milk production as it is not degraded in rumen so directly supply, protein, fat etc. to animals for best performance feeding rate should be:-
100gms twice daily for 1 week after calving
100 gms daily for 15 days before calving
Mix 1 kg per ton of feed.


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