Cattle Liver Tonic (5 Ltr*20 Pcs.)

14,500.00 10,875.00


RIVLIV is the Herbal Liver Tonic for the liver functioning of large animals and free of chemicals. As it is completely a herbal combination so giving best result without any side effect. These are accurately formulated using quality ingredients to ensure effectiveness and exact composition of Silymarin, Sarphuntra and Bhumiamlika & Other herbs along with Vitamins and Minerals. It is beneficial in improving liver function, increasing appetite, growth, production, and vitality of the animals.
It is acting as anti-stress to counteract stress due to vaccination, deworming, disease, change in feed, weather, shifting, debeaking and overcrowding. It helps to restore liver function following liver fluke infestation in livestock.

Increases liver cell synthesis.
Reduce blood lipids.
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