Herbal Dewormer for Cattle (500 Bolus)

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R-WORM is Herbal Dewormer for Cattle.
Worm infestation is one of a major problem in animals. Mainly animals infested with worms from an early age. In field conditions, worms are mostly found in animals showing symptoms as decreased growth even on proper feed, decreased milk production even in healthy condition, anorexia, indigestion etc.
Calves show emaciation or bloat like symptoms. Anestrus and repeat breeding are major problems of animals are even related to worms. Now farmer is even quite aware of dewormers as chemical dewormers containing albendazole, fenbendazole or oxfendazole etc. salts but with continuous use of these animals are now adapted and are completely none responsive to these dewormers.
So to find the proper solution of worms with minor or no adaptability in animals Refit Animal Care has shown a 1st step in launching HERBAL DEWORMER BOLUS named as R-WORM Which is safe in nonpregnant, pregnant and lactating animals.


* Highly effective to expel worms as compared to chemical dewormers.
* Safe in pregnancy
* Expel worms and improves fertility.
1 bolus after each 2 months
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