Chelated Liquid Calcium For Cattle(5 Ltr * 30 Pcs.)

21,750.00 16,312.00


Powerful chelated liquid calcium supplement for cattle and poultry. Milk is one of a major factor related to farmer’s economy. The Indian farmer is living on income coming from the sale of milk obtained from animals.
As in today’s animals are not getting proper nutrition from feed giving for milk production as per market price of milk. So to balance milk cost and milk production animals need calcium feed supplements which are provided along with feed and fodder.
So to overcome these deficiencies and to give economic benefits to the farmer and to increase profits we have launched special chelated calcium feed supplements named as REMILKY FORTE.


* Increase milk production
* Increase fat percentage
* Provides strength to bones
* Reduces eggshell fracture in poultry
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