Chelated Mineral Mixture(1kg * 100 Box.)

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Rigmin-Forte Powder is a chelated mineral mixture for cattle, dairy cows, poultry, horses, pigs, goats and other farm animals enriched with copper and amino acids as an ideal supplement for animal feeding to fulfill all their needs of dairy animals.
Chelated Rigmin-Forte Powder meets the region-wise specific nutritional requirements of dairy animals and also avoids mineral toxicity to animals provide as provides adequate minerals and vitamins to overcome deficiencies.



* Improves fertility rate.
* Treats infertility & repeat breeding.
* Improves milk production, fat & SNF.
* Enhances growth and immune function.
* Helps in overall growth of young calves.
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1 Kg Pack, 5 Kg Pack, 20 Kg Bucket


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