3 Days Anti Mastitis Powder (42 Pcs.)

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R-kit is 3 days mastitis care veterinary powder having 3 different components as pH regulator(1st day), Fibrosis controller(2nd day), Milk regulator(3rd day).
R-kit, as the name indicates, is a kit of 3 different composition containing pouches. First of all, as mastitis starts or when the 1st sign appears it’s 1st box as day1 plays its role to stop the progress of mastitis by breaking the cycle of the progress of infection at 1st stage. But if R-kit is given at later stages of mastitis even then it acts powerfully because of its parts as day 2nd and day 3rd which are giving magical results in control of mastitis.


Maintains pH of udder and milk
Enhances immunity against mastitis
Anti-inflammatory and analgesic property
Highly useful in teat cord and teat tumor, teat blockage of unknown reason etc.
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