Poultry Liquid Calcium(5 Ltr * 30 Pcs.)

23,850.00 10,500.00


R-GROW is liquid calcium for poultry with composition as per 5ml. contains Ca 100 mg, P 50 mg, Vitamin D3, 400 IU Vitamin B12. As per composition of R-GROW, it itself signifies as one of the best supplement ever for poultry as its calcium: phosphorus is well balanced as per requirements of poultry birds. However, in addition, vitamin D3 presence makes the increased availability of Ca and P along with provides great strength to egg shells as well as improves quality of egg as well as yolk and also Improves growth rate of broilers and their weight gain. However, Vitamin B12 is a good supportive supplement for all body functions of birds.



* Improves egg shell quality, thickness, strength.
* Improves leg strength
* Decreases feather eating
* Improves FCR
* improves growth rate
* improves hatch ability
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