Conception Improver Liquid(225ml * 100 Pcs.)

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Resure is Mineral Supplement for Cattle containing omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. As various studies have shown that fatty acids play an important role in increasing conception rates in cattle.
As in India, the major problem of their livestock is repeat breeding. Repeaters may lead to high economic loss to farmers as for when the animal repeat or do not conceive and again come in heat after 21 days. This is one of the biggest loss to the farmer. So major demand in today’s market is for products improving conception rates. So on the basis of market need we have found the solution to this repeat breeding problem via liquid feed supplement containing vitamins along with omega fatty acids.
Resure brings one of the BOOM in VETERINARY FIELD to increase CONCEPTION RATE. Resure is one of the branded product of REFIT ANIMAL CARE which got great respect in the market on the basis of its result in improving conception rates in livestock animals given after natural services or artificial insemination.


* Resure improves uterine turgidity and helps in establishing the pregnancy.
* It improves uterine tone.
* It also improves uterine contraction.
* Improves motility of sperms and ovum.
* Tones up the uterine lining for implantation.
* Improves uterine health.
* Reduces chances of uterine infections.
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