Cattle Heat Bolus(10 Bolus Pack*50 Pcs.)

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REFERTILE BOLUS is a Cattle Fertility Enhancer. It is a proper Balanced and Minerals, Vitamins rich feed may lead to increased growth as well as the breeding efficiency of animals. Now to overcome such anoestrus problem we have Veterinary boluses or cattle fertility minerals in the form of fertility boosting bolus pack as REFERTILE BOLUS.
These heat inducing boluses are used as cattle fertility boluses by farmers at a various level as these boluses are enriched with chelated mineral and vitamins in balanced composition so giving tremendous result in improving reproductive efficiency of animals.
This heat inducer supplement is tried as cattle breeding products on the number of animals at field level or at various farms and it is seen that these boluses have given the best result in the case of heifers and postpartum anoestrus condition.



* Infertility
* Anoestrus
* Silent heat
* Delayed ovulation
* In repeat breeding
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