Calcium Gel for Animals(84 Pcs.)

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Recal Gel is instant energy source with ionic calcium as a Liquid calcium gel for cattle or livestock animals used as oral therapy to treat milk fever or hypocalcemia.
Also a good source of ionic calcium which is 5 times stronger than another oral calcium source so highly useful in milk fever or mastitis where there is sudden drop in milk production occurs.
As a requirement for calcium after calving is twice or thrice the requirement before calving. So now need a high dose of as calcium. Otherwise, drop in calcium may lead to clinical and sub clinical hypocalcemia or milk fever.

Ensures rapid & efficient absorption of calcium and enhances serum calcium level within 15 min. of oral administration maintains serum calcium level longer than I/V calcium therapy.
Provides 5 times more calcium than I/V calcium injection.
Prevents milk fever & associated complication.
Increases milk yield, favors the normal contraction of the uterus, normal calving and timely expulsion of the placenta.
Highly useful in prolapse cases.
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