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Refit Animal Care is  highly  concerned of privacy of our customers or visitors to our website . We hereby declared a privacy policy to inform you that our policies regarding the data or information submitted by you like your Name, Address, Email, etc. on our website will not be disclosed to any other agency without prior permission from you.

As per the privacy policy conditions you also agree that Refit Animal Care is free to use the data to be disclosed by you including ideas, techniques, models, etc. for purposes like Manufacturing, Marketing and Other Services etc. However we will not disclose data submitted by you to us without your prior permission or without your consent.

Although currently we don’t have subsidiaries, joint venture or other companies under common control, we may have in future. If we are acquired by any other company and that company will posses the personal information collected by us then we will disclose the personal data to them if a permission is granted by you only.