Milk Booster For Cattle (1Ltr * 48 Pcs.)

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R-Booster is liquid feed supplement providing peak level of energy for maximum growth and production. It acts as a most powerful energy booster, milk enhancer, as well as immunity booster or anti-stress liquid during any type of stress condition, may be lactation stress, heat stress, disease stress which is leading to negative energy balance in the animals during Pre-partum, Post-partum & Peak lactation.
To bring a boom in the dairy field we have launched liquid cattle feed supplement which guarantees to increase milk yield in dairy animals. It is highly useful as an energy booster for recovering or preventing the weakness occurred in animals during pregnancy period. Reproductive diseases like Mastitis, Metritis and Retained Lacent(ROP), Pyometra & Other metabolic diseases like Ketosis & Milk fever etc. are mostly associated with NEB(Negative Energy Balance) in high intensive dairy systems of the northern hemisphere. So it is a highly useful product to overcome this negative energy balance.
R-Booster improves blood glucose level.
It prevents parturition related disorders.
It also prevents ketosis.
R-Booster augments milk production.
It acts as anti stress.
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