Milk Let Down Supplement Powder for Cattle Combination of Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin D3 & Enzymes  



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The Process Of Milk Let Down is of particular interest, As timing of let down can be used to form efficient routine. Cattle have A udder that is composed of four independent mammary glands that are known as quarters. These Four Quarters are independents with no direct connections among them. The Four quarters are independent with no direct connections among them. Milk Let Down occurs in response to tactile stimulation of teats which triggers a hormonal reflex, causing pituitary gland to release oxytocin into blood stream. This stimulus may be heard, felt, or visual and should be predictable and consistent at every milking. Handling of teats however a strong stimulus is with researches showing at least 20 seconds of massage per cow is required for an appreciable change in milking characteristics. Milk Flows through teat after resistance of the teat cattle. Early Lactation Is Considered As One Of The Most Challenging Elements Of Production Cycle. Supplying Both Calcium & Energy during Diet Will Benefit The Cattle. However, Doesn’t Usually removes all the milk From Gland. Up to Some Percentage of Milk In Gland Is Left After Milking.

About The Product

The Livestock, Particularly the improved breeds, needs balanced diet for superior  feed efficiency. The Process Wholly Depends On The Quality and quantity of nutrients supplied to The Animals From The Feed Ingredients. Nutrition Is One Of The Ways To Get Best Out Of Animals. Lactation, Being the most Economically Important Activity of dairy Animals, Depends on The Nourishment. Milk Let Down Is A Natural Supplement with high nutrition value & Good Ingredients . It Includes The Following Ingredients Chelated Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Enzyme, Iron, Zinc, Cobalt, Chromium & Vitamin D3.  These Ingredients Will Surely Help The Cattle To Increase The Milk Amount Which Further Will Help In Milk Let Down.

Why This Product?

  • Stimulates Glandular Function & Helps Letting Down Naturally.
  • Improves Hormones & Enzymes Secretion Necessary For Milk Production.
  • Maximize Number Of Days In Lactation.

Benefits Of Using Milk Let Down Supplement

  • Easy Let Down Of Milk.
  • Increase Milk And Fat Percentage.
  • Remove Stress & Increase Immunity.
  • Better Udder Development & Prevent Mastitis.
  • Overcome Calcium & Phosphorus Deficiency.
  • Improves Bone Strength & Muscle Tone.
  • Useful In Calf Growth.
  • Useful In Anoestrus & Prolapse.
  • Improves Egg Production In Poultry.
  • Helpful In Leg Lameness In Poultry.

Feeding Schedule

  • Cattle & Buffaloes 30-50gm. Daily Mixed In Feed.
  • Calf 10-15 Gm Daily Mixed In Feed.
  • Poultry 1 Kg./Ton Mixed In Feed.


  • Improvement of milk yields of dairying cows & Buffaloes.
  • Health improvement of cattle.
  • No side effects.


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