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The Brand

From the starting, Refit Animal Care was established at a very small scale, but with the passage of time, this company is growing to a very large scale covering almost India & the adjacent boundaries. It was their determination to create something very exceptional which brought Refit Animal Care to an excellent level that customers enjoy today. From the last few years, they are developing a perfect steak. The effect of taking franchise will make the brand even better known to the customers in the map. While cattle feed is the backbone of the animal husbandry. We can say the quality of feed is directly proportional to the quality health of cattle. We are under a process of allotting franchise at country state & district level. Also, we have the range of veterinary products like liquid calcium supplement, herbal liver tonic, mineral mixture, and other nutritional Cattle Feed Supplements. If you are interested in to get a veterinary franchise or want to be a part of a distribution of Refit Animal Care which covers cattle, poultry & fish healthcare the be in touch with us.

Why be a part of our Franchise Business?

• Generate more revenue.
• Make the company more efficient.
• Reach a new type of customers.
• Grow your core business market visibility.


• Exclusive territory.
• Stamp of assured guaranteed quality consistency & quality.
• 100% value for investment to the user.
• World class formulations.
• Capital investment can be recovered within months.
• Highest profit margins among quality products.
• Last but not least, a guarantee of products performance & quality.

Complimentary distributor’s promotional material

• Free Visiting Cards.
• Provide Free Brochures.
• Provide Free Prescription Pads.
• Provide Free Visulate File.
• Provide Free Reminder Cards.
• Support via Digital marketing, Helpline number etc.
• Assistance to the Franchise for Local Promotion and Business Development.
• Certificates of Assurity.

Benefits of using our supplements to farmers.

• The growth rate of Poultry, Milk, Cattle production.
• After using our products there’s the least fear of disease or infection.
• No Side-Effects in Animals.
• All Products manufactured in ISO registered factory under the supervision of experts.
• Our products are antibiotic free which increases production of milk.
• Using our product minimum profit increase by 50%

We Have honest transparent & credible business policy, No fraud at all. Only quality & much better quality is our motto. To get some idea & quality of our product just have a look of our veterinary supplements and then finally give us a review. If you are searching for franchise business then your wait is over! Common We are just a single click away. Hurry! To avail our franchise opportunity you just not need a single penny of money, all you need is a good network in your area. Refit Animal Care products are such strong that once it is given to the customer they will automatically demand the products.

If you believe in quality products and have faith in our quality then please fill franchise opportunity form below and send us. We will reach you as soon as possible or call us on +91-8725942557, +91-8725942559. There is no special charge for getting franchise.

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