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The concept of starting REFIT ANIMAL CARE is basically for animal health, care, growth, production and as well as for the reproduction ability. To create a flourishing network across India, we are expanding our franchise network. We are looking for partners who believe in our vision to help build a vibrant community of Poultry Farmers, Cowsheds(Gaushala) and Veterinary Professionals.

REFIT ANIMAL CARE is one of the leading players in Veterinary industries business in India. We have a range of veterinary products like liquid calcium supplement, herbal liver tonic, mineral mixture and other nutritional supplements for cattle and poultry that have their own benefits, indications and recommended usage to increase the potential of livestock and help buyers to enhance productivity and maintain the proper growth and increases overall growth and hatchability in poultry.

REFIT ANIMAL CARE has expanded its reach to virtually every corner of India by continuously adding new distributors and Animal Feed Supplement Users all over the India. It is a constant endeavor of Altar to spread itself by franchise business opportunity at the unrepresented areas in India.

Why choose REFIT????

* Brand Reputation
* Provide Free Visiting Cards
* Provide Free Brochures
* Provide Free Prescription Pads
* Provide Free Visulate File
* Provide Free Reminder Cards
* Support via Digital marketing, Helpline number etc.
* Assistance to the Franchise for Local Promotion and Business Development.
* Our Products are Genuine and Result Oriented.
* No Side-Effects in Animals.
* All Products manufactured in ISO registered factory under the supervision of experts.
* For Distributors & Traders, we are serving the Free Franchise.
* We are online to connect with Veterinarians, Hospitals, Poultry Feed Supplements Users.
* Amazon India, India Mart, and trade India are our referral partners.

Great response from various distributorship regions i.e. Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujrat & U.P.

To reserve or get your free franchise for Refit Animal Care simply call us on +91-8725942557  or Send A Message.There is no special charge for getting franchise.