Anti-Diarrhoeal Herbal Powder For Cattle

Increased frequency of defecation accompanied by faeces with High Concentration of water and decreased dry matter content.

Consistency may vary from soft to liquid.

enterties, malabsorpation, neurological, ulser, tumor, diet changes etc.

DIARRHOEA can be:-
When the osmotic pressure increased due to a substance in the lumen of the intestine result in excessive movement of fluid.

Inflammation or Necrosis of intestine Mucosa leads to increased fluid production and decreased absorption of fluid and electrolytes caused by Bacteria, fungus, protozoa chemical etc.

when Secretion increased more than an absorptive capacity of the intestine.


Due to the Hyper excitement, Convulsion, Stress etc. leading to DIARRHOEA.

DIARRHOEA IN Cattle Bullalo Horse etc. in large animals may be due to stress like Heat stress, cold stress, Transportation stress, sudden diet change etc. leads to loss of body fluids and electrolytes leading to weakness, debility etc these could be small frequency diarrhoea where the animal Sometimes show lose faeces whereas this may be large frequency DIARRHOEA when the animal mostly shows lose faeces However fed on normal diet under normal temperature. Sometimes diarrhoea due to a sudden change in diet with the season.

Mostly it is of unknown reason until or unless diagnosed in the laboratory by blood and faecal examination. In Indian conditions in summer, Animals may undergo summer stress.

where the feed given to the animals may be passed undigested in faeces and faeces become loose this is mainly started as a small obligation but with the passage of time if it is not controlled it becomes fatal for animals

Same is the condition seen in winter due to winter stress and also feed changes with all these obligations animal found to come under an emergency. if not taken care at the proper time. so for preventing and treating these conditions several anti-diarrhoeal products or drugs available in the market but these may have some side effects due to there chemical composition or even animal body is now adapted to such drugs due to regular use of these products in each and every season by farmers. now to overcome such problem we have launched herbal antidiarrhoeal feed supplement on the name of diarrhoea powder.

Diarovet is a herbal product in powder form in the combination of several herbs specifically used to cure diarrhoea of any reason.

It can be given in cattle, buffalo, calf, sheep, goat, horse etc. without any side effects with high efficacy to control the diarrhoea because of its superior composition with the best quality of herbs So this may overcome the problem coming with chemical composition products available in the market as anti diarrhoeal products.